A future cover of Times Magazine (they just don't know yet). Andreas, Nick, Karthi, Steffen and Ingrid. In the back: Mrs X and Uli, debating over who pays the ice cream. (Noordwijkerhout, actually Amsterdam Airport, June 2005)

And that's what we call "conference" ... Nick's dream was always to steer a "really big ship", Ingrid is closely supervising him; Joerg, Catrin, Chrysi and Uli on the bench, my God, that was a lovely day!! (Noordwijkerhout, actually the IJsselmeer, June 2005)

Uli, Mireille, Andreas (Don't ask why I look so tired - it was the last day of the conference) (Noordwijkerhout, June 2005)

Berlin was definitely worth a visit - met some very friendly people this time (Apr 2005)

Conference Dinner in Brazil (Or was it Sheffield?! Apr 2004)

Science is more emotional than you'd expect (Sheffield, Apr 2004)

Darwin College (Sometime 2003)

Grandpa doing field work (Sometime 2003)

Trip to South Africa ... well .. (Sometime 2003)

Trip to Berlin with Sania (Summer 2003)

Cambridge at sunset (Sometime later in the day)